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SAP SOUND, s.r.o.

is a modern company 

which operates in the world of sound for many years

and secures the overall professional technical and organizational  support of

cultural, sport and social events.


Our essential domain in this industry is providing best sound support. 


Our team has many years of experience in live sound engineering,

radio and television broadcasting, audio productions and installations.


We sustain innovations, creativity, new ideas and technologies that are necessary to our improvement and moving on forward. 



Our advantages

"The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows."       Aristotle Onassis

Our own professional sound equipment

The company has its own sound equipment. Everything we offer we really possess. From small systems suitable for smaller and medium-sized occasions, events and conferences to big concerts techniques suitable for sport halls, stadiums and large spaces, SAP SOUND has the flexibility to meet your needs.

Many years of experience

Beginning is the most important part of the work. Our date of origin goes back to 1989, since when we have done an incredible job and have accumulated countless skills.

Customized project realization

Business must captivate, must entertain and must awaken the creative instincts. Experience, professional and well-coordinated team, and especially sufficient technical background allow us to prepare and implement customized client solutions.